Baby And Toddler Meal Ideas

Looking for some healthy and tasty food ideas for your kids, then try these meals:

This food might not be suitable as first foods but gradually your baby will be used to eating a huge variety of solid foods. When preparing food for babies, make sure you do not add salt, sugar or stock cubes directly in the food or cooking water.

Babies & Children Breakfast Ideas:

  • Unsweetened porridge or cereal with milk with ripe pear topping
  • Whole wheat biscuit cereal with milk and unsweetened fruit
  • Toasts with mashed banana
  • Toast fingers with hard-boiled egg and ripe peach
  • Apple and cereal with plain unsweetened yogurt 

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Toddlers Lunch & Tea Ideas:

  • Cooked pasta with cauliflower cheese
  • Pasta with broccoli and cheese
  • Baked beans with toast
  • Scrambled eggs with toast or pita bread
  • Cottage cheese dipped in pita bread and cucumber

Toddlers Dinners:

  • Mashed potatoes with chickpeas and cauliflower
  • Shepherd’s pie (beef/lamb) with green vegetables
  • Rice and mashed peas
  • Rice with cooked lentils
  • Minced chicken and vegetables with mashed potatoes

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Toddlers & Babies Snack Ideas:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Rice pudding or porridge (without salt/sugar)
  • Plain yogurt
  • Toast or pita bread
  • Plain donuts
  • Small cheese cubes
  • Unsweetened rice cakes

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How to make your kids eat fruits and vegetables?

  • Try putting their favorite fruit or vegetable on top of the pizza
  • Give them carrot sticks or sliced pepper or apples as snacks
  • Mix chopped or mashed vegetables with rice and lentils
  • Mix fruits with plain unsweetened yogurt as a dessert. You can use peaches, pears, mangoes or apples.

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Giving Cow Milk to Your Little One

Until 6 months, breastfeed your baby only and do not give cow’s milk at all. Whole cow’s milk must be used in small quantity for cooking or mixing it with foods after the age of 6 months. You can give it to your little one as a drink when he is 1 year old. Introduce semi-skimmed milk at the age of 2, ensuring that your child is having a variety of diet and growing well as per their age.  When your baby is 5 years old, you can give your child 1% of semi-skimmed milk to drink.

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