Baby Resisting Bottle Feed- What to do?

Usually babies start taking bottle without any fuss but some babies are not at all adaptable towards change. Taking them through the transition is a never ending struggle. Are you having trouble giving bottle to your child? Here are some techniques and tips for new moms.

You must use the bottle teat similar to the pacifier. Use a latex nipple if the baby uses latex pacifier rather than the silicone one or vice versa. Make sure you warm the nipple to make it more appealing and stimulating.

Put some breast milk on the nipple so that when the baby suckles on it he/she feels the mother feed and will continue sucking it for more. Some people use honey but it increases infant botulism in kids younger than 12 months.

Make the baby familiar with the nipple. Let the baby play with it or chew on it. He/she will eventually start sucking on it.

Try feeding the baby in a different position. Put the baby in a semi-upright position and then feed him/her by facing her. Once the baby is used to taking the bottle, you may hold him/her the usual way.

Check the milk temperature before feeding it to the baby. Try giving it in different temperatures so that you know how the baby prefers the milk.  Experiment with different temperatures and you will know what he/she prefers.

Try giving the bottle at different times of the day. If you think that the baby isn’t taking the bottle during daytime, offer it during the night time.

Here is one easy tip for the dads out there! If they can wear the wife’s bathrobe and tuck the baby bottle under the arm and make the baby feed in a breast feeding position, it will definitely work, of course not for mums but definitely for the dads.


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