Philips AVENT pump, store, feed & care all-in-one set (SCD292/31)

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More Milk Pump, Feed & Store Naturally With Maximum Comfort

Natural single electric Pump all-in-one set

  • Express, store, feed and care
  • Includes soft massage cushion
  • 2 Bottles and 10 storage cups
  • Nipple protectors and cream

Gentle Stimulation Mode with Pumping Settings

Once the pump is switched on, it gently starts pumping the milk. Then choose from the 3 pumping settings to make the milk flow as per your comfort level.

Easy One Touch Button Operation

Single touch electric breast pump is ideal for mothers who pump milk regularly and value being able to pump milk without any effort.

Breast Pump with Massage Cushion

The massage cushion of the breast pump has a velvety texture and gives a comfortable and gentle feeling of milk flow.

Natural Lock on Design due to the breast molded shape

The wide breast formed nipple advances a natural lock on like the breasts. Intended to give a more agreeable and placated feed for your child.

Adaptable, Anti-collapsible innovated nipple design

The petals inside the nipple and the edge configuration, increase the nipple non-abrasiveness and adaptability, ensuring no nipple crumple for developing children.

Delicate Feels

Delicate design and material gives a natural feel.

Refrigerator/Freezer Friendly

To maximize adaptivity.

Effortlessly pump milk in storage container

With the cup adapter, milk can be easily pumped in the milk storage container, without any leakage or spoilage of breast milk.

Makes dry or sensitive nipples softer

By applying once or twice daily during pregnancy, it will prepare the skin for breastfeeding and help mothers to maintain soften skin.