Natural II PP 60ml Feeding Bottle PK1 - (SCF039/17)

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Easy to combine with breastfeeding

Natural latch on

  • 1 Bottle
  • 2 oz/60ml
  • First flow nipple
  • 0m

Natural latch-on due to the wide breast shaped teat

The wide breast shaped teat promotes a natural latch-on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding

Ultra soft teat designed to mimic the feel of the breast

he teat has an ultra soft texture, designed to mimic the feel of the breast.

Flexible spiral design, combined with our unique comfort petals to create a flexible teat, allowing for a more natural feed without teat collapse.

Anti-colic valve designed to reduce colic and discomfort

Anti-colic valve designed to keep air away from your baby's tummy, to help reduce colic and discomfort.

Teats with different flow rates available

The Philips Avent Natural range offers different teat softness and increasing flow rates for each of your baby's development stages.

Simple to use and clean, quick and easy assembly

Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. Only a few parts for quick and simple assembly.

Smaller 2 oz/60 ml bottle designed for newborn feeding

A smaller-size bottle to help ensure the appropriate amount for baby's smaller tummy

Slower-flow teat

A smaller hole size delivers a more controlled flow rate for babies who drink more slowly.