Philips AVENT Pacifiers 0-6 Fashion PK2 (SCF172/18)

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Comforts your kids delicate skin

Extra air inlets to let skin nourish

  • Soothe with comfort of air
  • 0-6m
  • Orthodontic
  • 2 pieces, 1-pack
  • Extra Air Inlet to Nourish Baby’s Skin

    Skin requires a certain amount of air to breathe. This shied has extra inlets that provide excess airflow, specially designed to provide your kid with comfort

    Your Baby’s Choice

    According to our survey, Mom’s find that 9 out of 10 babies feel happy when they are using our product.

    Designed for advanced oral nourishment

    The silicone teat has an advanced shape that protects baby’s palate, teeth and gum as they grow up.

    Designed at our award-winning laboratories

    When it comes to comfort, no body can reach out level. Our pacifiers have been prepared at the award-winning labs in the UK.

    Easy Removal with the help of handle

    The security handle lets parent remove baby’s pacifier at any time with ease. It’s so easy to remove that even little hands of babies can do it.

    Snap the cap and keep it safe

    When the baby is not using the pacifier, simply put the cap on to keep it safe and clean

    Easy Sterilization

    Keep your kid’s pacifier healthy by putting it in the sterilizer or submerge in the boiling water.

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