Combi air purifier and humidifier

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Breath Healthy Air All The Time

Smart Air Control Technology

  • VitaShield IPS and NanoCloud
  • Dual sensor

3 Step Moisture Setting

Adjust the humidity level in the room as per your satisfaction

Timer Adjustment

Adjust timer from three different periods i.e. 1/4/8 hours

Filter Replacement Alert

The sound air secure alarm tells you quickly when the time has come to supplant the filter In the event that the filter isn't supplanted immediately, the machine quits working - to maintain a strategic distance from ineffectual refinement. So you are guaranteed of more beneficial air dependably.

Superior Technology VitaShield IPS

Unrivaled VitaShield IPS with German innovation effectively sift through unsafe gases (formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC and so on.) and poisons (ultrafine particles, allergens, microbes and infections) with a size of >0.02 micron. *

Automated Device

No hassle of changing the settings, Let AI do this for you.

Smart Controller Purifies and Moisturizes Air when needed

Air Quality Indicators

3 different light colors represent the air quality in room.

Clean and concise feedback/h3>

Double sensors measure and control air quality and dampness and give clear readings on air quality and moistness.

Child lock Prevents un-needed changes

Low Noise, Zero Disturbance at Sleep Mode

Night detecting mode is produced particularly for your room; The air purifier quickly readies your room air for rest and always screens your room air quality.

Variable Fan Speed/h3>

5 different settings level to give you a fan speed as per your needs.

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