Yelling At Kids Leads To Depression & Anxiety

Parenting can be sometimes frustrating because kids do get wild and out of control. Parenting isn’t easy so you shouldn’t scream at them all the time as it causes permanent damage.  Being a human, we all have tempers and according to a study, regular yelling at kids has the same effect as hitting them. Parents always want the best for their kids. This is the reason many parents struggle with parenting options-after all they are also human. 

Being frustrated with your children is normal especially when they don’t listen to you or misbehave like for instance when you ask the toddler to get dressed or finish their food. The way you express your anger and frustration and deal with the situation makes a major impact on personality development and long-term health.

According to the studies, if the kids are constantly scolded or treated aggressively, their behavior tends to become worse over the year. Moreover, hurting children feeling may make them sad, hurt and scared because verbal abuse leads to psychological issues in adulthood.

Children who get yelled become anxious and depressed. The psychological impact on constant yelling is that when children get older they tend to yell at people too. Parents have power over their children as they provide them with food, love, shelter and nurture them in every way. If children start getting frightened by you it will affect their sense of security and will decrease their self-esteem. 

Yelling changes the neurological pathways in a child’s brain and they begin thinking that they are in danger and if these thoughts get attached to a child’s brain it will make a negative impact on their personality. Yelling is ineffective and it makes children not want to listen to you. 

Parents need to have a calm conversation with their children instead of approaching them with a scolding. Use a little bit of sense of humor while being authoritative; in order to make sure that the kids realize what they have done wrong. Praise them when they do something nice and if not then the consequences shouldn’t be yelling or being aggressive. Yelling for once is fine but constant yelling has the same impact as hitting them. Once you get their attention, calm your tone and make them understand the situation.

It isn’t late to make changes in your parenting behavior; you just have to learn new techniques and ways to handle kids. If you feel that you are yelling too much or losing your temper a lot then get some help. Share your issues with someone and develop a plan to deal with issues in a healthier manner.

How do you handle your kids if they don’t listen to you? Share the tips and tricks that you follow and help other parents being a parent yourself.

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