Winter Weather Tips for New Parents: Baby’s First Winter

It’s cold outside and you want to keep your little one safe from the cold weather?

Winter is coming and its time when we want to stay cooped up inside our homes. If you are a new mom, it might be a bit crazy for you to deal with your little one in the colder months.

Tips To Calm A Crying Baby

Babies cry a lot. Some babies get easily comforted while other give their parents a really hard time. The babies become dazzled and overwhelmed by the different senses that greet them in the new world

Holding Your Little One

After giving birth to your baby, you will spend a lot of time holding and comforting her. You will be moving from one place to another and trying to adjust her in the best possible position. This situation can help you strengthen your husband’s bond with the baby.

Breastfeeding Guide for Beginners

The early weeks for new moms can be very painful, frustrating, depressing, tiring but rewarding too. Many women have breastfeeding goals such as three months, six months and one year. In the early stages of breastfeeding, these goals might seem impossible to achieve because the pain is too much to bear for six weeks to one year.  

Parenting Quotes To Become A Better Parent

There is nothing like parenthood- from the moment you become one to see your baby grow up. Parenting can be a tough yet an amazing job. It’s okay if you think that you aren’t doing great- you are already doing a great job.

Milestones Achieved By Your Little One

The big developments made by your baby are considered as milestones achieved such as sitting up, walking, crawling or rolling over. These milestones are mostly achieved in the first year.

Successful Habits To Learn From Toddlers

Every toddler possesses some traits of success. The way they carry themselves and live lives, there are many habits from which adults can learn and grow, no matter how old they get. We need to reprogram ourselves, let go of some bad habits and think about our well-being as a mum. You might be surprised at the fact that how can you learn successful traits from a toddler. 

10 Ways To Peacefully Get Your Toddler Dressed

There is something between toddlers and clothes which repel each other. It can be a battle for the mothers. Here are some interesting ideas that can help get your toddler ready if you are heading out or if you have to catch a flight with your toddler:

Yelling At Kids Leads To Depression & Anxiety

Parenting can be sometimes frustrating because kids do get wild and out of control. Parenting isn’t easy so you shouldn’t scream at them all the time as it causes permanent damage.  Being a human, we all have tempers and according to a study, regular yelling at kids has the same effect as hitting them.

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Babies

You might think that babies just eat, sleep, and drink milk, poop, and cry. There is so much more to these little bundles of joys. 

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